The NREL has forecasted that, in any scenario, no country in the globe could beat Brazil’s sugar cane productivity in ethanol. Even with 2nd & 3rd generations of biofuels and different crops (corn, miscanthus, barley…) the Brazilian productivity would beat other competitors.

Only around 10% of Brazil’s arable land is now being utilized and there are lots of spaces that could be farmed without harming the forest.

Brazilian companies and research organizations have technology for the whole biofuel business (from the farm to the final consumer) and are investing to develop new generations of biofuels. Brazil’s BNDES and Finep will support R&D on biofuels.

Interested on more infos on Brazil’s bioethanol? Check it out!

The opportunities…

  • Go to Brazil and start R&D operations on biofuel and/or local production, alone and/or in partnership with local groups;
  • Partner with Brazilian business groups and jointly explore opportunities for biofuels production in Africa, Latin America and Asia.