Since 2003, Brazil took more than 40mi of its citizens out of poverty. It now is a middle class Country, with more than a half of its population belonging to the so-called ‘class C’.

Unemployment has reached its lowest level ever (around 4.7%).

As a result of that, internal consumption is booming, especially in the services sector.

Brazilians have more money in their pockets and more access to services than ever before. At the same time, companies are demanding more qualification from the workforce, in order to cope with the Country’s productivity challenge.

Careers in Engineering are particular valued in the Country at this time, but only 5% of Brazil’s graduates took a course in the field.

Around 6.8 mi Brazilians enrolled in undergrad courses in Brazil this year. From 2010 to 2011 enrollments grew almost 6%, a pattern previously observed in recent years. Besides that, millions are looking for non degree courses, from basic vocational training to executive education and languages.

The opportunities…

  • To establish a top top Engineering School in Brazil, in partnership with local institutions and the business community;
  • To take to Brazil new models for executive education, in partnership with globally recognized schools;
  • To create and/or bring to Brazil new language schools and training methods.