Brazil will have to double its capacity for electricity generation in the next 30 years. That will be done combining different energy sources and preserving Brazil’s ‘clean energy’ profile.

While roughly 80% of the Country electric power comes form hydro, wind is the fastest growing source at the moment.

Brazil has a fully integrated power grid, with a single Independent System Operator (ISO), ONS, in charge of the whole grid. As the system has a really high percentage of hydro, Brazil’s ISO does more than dispatching, it’s in charge of short term planning (which considers hydrological variables for energetic planning and system’s characteristics for electrical planning).

Brazil is the single Country in the globe of its size to have a fully integrated grid/system. The technology (hardware, software, business process, planning algorithms etc.) needed for power grid planning/operation was indigenously developed in Brazil.

The opportunity…

  • To invest in power generation and transmission facilities;
  • To manufacture in Brazil capital goods for generation/transmission/distribution;
  • To partner with Brazilian organizations to develop and/or take system operation technology to other countries.