Brazil launched in 2011 a Program called Science Without Borders, which came to be mostly known for the fact that 100,000+ scholarships will be granted to Brazilian STEM students to go abroad until the end of 2014. But opportunities for researchers who want to go to Brazil are also available.

A series of calls will be run in the coming years to select young researchers from over the world who want to go to Brazil. Selected researcher will be eligible to receive funding and resources to perform a two to three year-long research project in Brazil. Check out the call that was closed on October the 8th (others will be coming up)!

Science Without Borders is a Federal Government Program and counts with private sector support; roughly, 1/3 of the scholarships will be funded by companies and private sector organizations.

The opportunities…

  • To attract Brazilian students to US, European & Asian universities;
  • To send students do Brazil, where they’ll have the opportunity to known the local reality/mkt and connect with the local research, tech and business communities;
  • To partner with Brazilian research organization in R&D projects and take advantage of the talent pool there;
  • To have you research funded by the Brazilian Government.