The stock market in Brazil went down by 35% since 2010. This year alone, the Brazilian Real lost 32% of its value against the US dollar. The outcome is clear: stocks traded in the São Paulo-based BM&FBovespa became much cheaper in US dollars.

But not just stocks were affected by the economic downturn. The real state market is weak and prices are going down in Reais – in average, the price for a square meter in Brazil went down more than 5% this year.

Finally, a number of medium and large Brazilian companies are having a hard time in the market, need cash and consider going out of business. If well identified, they are good candidates for  take overs and offer great business opportunities, as the Country is certainly poised to grow in the mid/long run.

It’s time to go shopping in Brazil!

The opportunities:

  • To buy real state in Brazil;
  • To buy stocks of Brazilian companies;
  • To take over Brazilian companies.