The political establishment, the corporate world and the Brazilian society are being shaken by a series of corruption scandals. This is not a new reality for the Country, corruption has been around for decades, centuries. But something is really new: companies and business leaders are being made accountable for corruption.
Many companies implicated in the current corruption scandals have their top executives in jail, lost contracts, are selling good assets and having financial problems. The hard time they are facing will created demand for specialized professional services on corruption prevention and business compliance.
The Brazilian legislation was changed in 2013 (Lei nº. 12.846) and dispositions to punish corruptors were included in the legal framework. Nevertheless, business practices, procedures and compliance processes were not adjusted accordingly. The time for that is ripe and the capabilities needed are in short supply in the Brazilian market.
The opportunity:

  • to market corruption prevention and compliance services to Brazilian corporations;
  • to partner with Brazilian legal services companies and offer services through them;
  • to establish professional services operations in Brazil.